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Available in 5 amazing fragrances!


Champagne Wishes-Pop the cork for New Years with decadent notes of sparkling orange, grape, apple and jasmine.


Limoncello-celebrate the New Year with decadent notes of whipped vanilla cream, sweet buttermilk and hints of coconut meid with freshly squeezed lemon juice and grated zest.


Tan Lines-Smells like the Suntan Lotion you remember. Get your tan on with lots of creamy coconut filling the air.


Grass-Fresh Cut Grass with notes of Geraniums, Lilies, Rose and Orange


Love Spell (Heart Shaped Candle)-Romantic notes of Citrus, Rose & Violet blended with hints of musk


Limoncello, Champane Wishes, Grass & Tan Lines are all a 11oz Jar, Love Spell is a super cute Heart shaped paw print candle

Beach Please-Refreshing waves plash the scent of Citrus and beachside blossoms of white acacia, oak moss and orange wood.

Tobacco Vanilla-Smoky notes of Wood Smoke, aged tobacco leaves 🍁, amber & pure vanilla

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